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Dr. Gideon Kwok, DO

Dr. Gideon Kwok, DO is the Founder and Medical Director to 7 Skin Perfect Medical Clinics in Southern California. Having been in the field for 15 years, he has been a trainer and speaker for Cutera and Radiesse. He also does speaking engagements and trainings on aesthetic medicine internationally and is one of the top injectors in America.Currently, he is a national speaker and trainer for Galderma, as well as being on their US and Global advisory board. His clinics are in the top 1% of US clinics; when it comes to Coolsculpting, Ulthera and the Galderma injectable portfolio of products.  Dr. Kwok began working in the field of aesthetic medicine during his second year of Family Medicine Residency at UCLA.  His passion for the field of aesthetic medicine started as a personal project to help himself and his friends with their skin issues.

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Lori Robertson, MSN, FNP-C

Lori Robertson, MSN, FNP-C has a diverse set of experiences and skill sets. She spent 19 years on ABC-TV as both an actress and Medical Advisor to famed soap opera, General Hospital. She’s also spent time as a Deputy Sheriff specializing in mountain rescue and underwater dive recovery.  She’s best known, however, for her 12 years in medical aesthetics where she is national faculty for Allergan and Galderma, including GENNow, as well as faculty at industry congresses throughout the US.

Lori has won countless awards including National Aesthetic Nurse of the Year in 2012.  She has a large Instagram following which has given her a global platform to educate providers on safe and effective injection techniques.

Fun fact: Lori is an accomplished race car driver who has won a 4 Sports Club Car of America National Championships.

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