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Providers can't get enough of the training and mentorship programs at The Aesthetic Immersion.

I have taken several classes at The Aesthetic Immersion. The small group instruction is wonderful; as it allows you to see Lori and Gideon's techniques, as well as my fellow classmates. I am a more seasoned injector, so watching a variety of providers really helps me hone my skills. I believe continuing education is a key element in achieving the best possible outcomes for my patients.

– Sie Yeon Thomas, FNP- BC

"There is so much to learn in this industry, it can be overwhelming. Lori and Gideon make "why" the cornerstone of your treatment, so that you can see how that will build into end result that your patient is trying to attain. By focusing on what you are trying to accomplish, it makes the selection of treatments and products easy.."

– Jennifer Salizar, PA-C

"I am in general dentistry, where TMJ injections are in high demand. I felt that I needed to start expanding my knowledge to better treat my patients. Reflecting on this course today, when it comes to injecting, there is no cookie cutter recipe on what you should inject in each area. Each patient has unique characteristics, and it takes a good eye to pickup on these sometimes subtle differences and treat them appropriately. It was eye opening..."

– Rebecca El-Khoury, DDS