the Aesthetic Immersion - Webinar Library
the Aesthetic Immersion - Webinar Library
Hyperdiluted Radiesse 2.0
Ai Webinar
Join Gideon Kwok, DO and Lori Robertson, MSN FNP-C for this one hour webinar.
Ai Webinar
60 mins.
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Unveil the advanced possibilities of hyperdiluted Radiesse 2.0, delving into its clinical efficacy, patient outcomes, and optimal techniques for achieving natural and long-lasting results. Explore the potential of this cutting-edge approach to facial rejuvenation and volumization.

Introduction to Hyperdiluted Radiesse: Advancements and Innovations
Exploring the Clinical Efficacy and Patient Outcomes
Optimal Techniques for Achieving Natural and Long-Lasting Results
Case Studies and Demonstrations Showcasing the Potential of Hyperdiluted Radiesse
Q&A Session to Address Specific Inquiries and Discuss Advanced Applications