the Aesthetic Immersion - Webinar Library
the Aesthetic Immersion - Webinar Library
Dissecting Aesthetics
Cadaver Dissection: Dr. David Saadat, MD Ultrasound of Pyriform: Lori Robertson, MSN FNP-C Injection of Pyriform: Dr. Gideon Kwok, DO
Dissecting Aesthetics
90 MINS.
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The Aesthetic Immersion & Dr. David Saadat, MD present the second of a six part webinar series. This hour and a half webinar will delve into the facial anatomy, ultrasound scan, and showcase an injection demonstration in the pyriform area. Join us for this immersive webinar experience that promises to expand your knowledge and expertise as an aesthetic provider.

We will cover:
Explore the most complicated area of the face: the intersection of the nose, the cheeks and under eyes - a crucial area for injecting
Explore the pyriform in a live model using an ultrasound machine, see the arteries, the bones, and the depth of the area
Watch this live demonstration on how to best inject the pyriform in this live demo
Live Q&A With Dr. David Saadat, MD