the Aesthetic Immersion - Webinar Library
the Aesthetic Immersion - Webinar Library
Ai: Business Track
4 Course Aesthetic Business Bundle
Join Enoch Kwok - Business Extraordinaire and COO for Skin Perfect Medical for this comprehensive webinar series focused on all of the best practices your clinic can apply to become more profitable, optimized, and susceptible to growth.
4 Course Aesthetic Business Bundle
60 mins. each
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The Ai: Business Track is now available in the full 4 Course Bundle. Bundle includes all 4 titles plus live viewer Q & A: PROFITABILITY & BUDGETING, MARKETING, PATIENT EXPERIENCE & LIFECYCLES and STAFFING & HR. Specifically designed for aesthetic healthcare providers who are either new to the industry or have limited business management experience. If you are a provider who has recently opened an aesthetic practice or are struggling to acquire and retain patients, manage costs during slow periods, stay up-to-date with emerging trends and technologies, and build the confidence necessary to succeed as a new business owner, this course is for you. Whether you are a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, medical doctor, or other healthcare provider, our course provides the practical knowledge and skills you need to transform your aesthetic business into a thriving, sustainable enterprise.

Profitability & Budgeting
Ways to increase your revenue & improve your aesthetics business’ profitability
Identify the profit centers within your practice
Understand the key performance indicators (KPIs) for maximum profit
Knowing your numbers can do for your aesthetics business profitability; services bringing in the most profit, expenses may not be paying off, etc. And More...
Marketing ideas to drive your business; brands, identity, image and grow your Aesthetic Practice in a competitive economy
Develop a marketing plan with actionable marketing strategies and tactics
Tips to get more patients with website, social media, email campaigns, blogs, search engine ads, email & text marketing and many more
Re-engage your old clients & ask your existing clients for recommendations, or become brand ambassadors. And More...
Patient Experience & Lifecycle
Create treatment plans & goals to achieve desirable results. The consultation is as important as the actual procedure. Patient satisfaction is far more likely when we have strong patient-provider communication
Patient's mindset for procedures, concerns and expectations - Tips to improve patient experience & satisfaction
Grow your business with just your existing patients
How to maximize patient lifecycle and increase retention to boost overall return on investment (ROI). And More...
Staffing & HR
How to hire the right staff members? Tips on hiring, interviewing and training employees
What does it take to build the right culture? Interacting with Employees; employee engagement, team morale and communication from the top down
HR Management; payrolls, benefits, incentives & rewards, liability and complex laws aim to protect employer and employees
Practice's profitability and improve your overall patient experience, staff retention, and revenue per patient. And More...