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Nurses have a gentle, yet strong heart. The profession is both rewarding and challenging. The comfort and care you let your patients feel is enough reward. However, some tasks may not be easy. For example, you need to employ a good amount of patience with some of your patients. The education and skills requirements of the profession alone are not that easy as well.

Currently, their nursing profession has transformed into many specializations. Just like doctors, you too can specialize in a medical field. For example, you can choose to become a clinical nurse or a critical care nurse. Additionally, you can work as a mental health nurse or a cardiac nurse. Moreover, you can work as a registered nurse or a surgical nurse.

If you are fond of children, you can consider becoming a pediatric nurse. Alternatively, you can consider becoming an aesthetic nurse if you like medical aesthetics.

The medical aesthetic industry continues to grow despite the constraints brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. It means it offers a stable and growing career for any nurse looking to specialize in a field.

To be a successful aesthetic nurse, you need relevant training and experience. To get a formal education on medical aesthetic treatments, you can inquire from hundreds of schools available. Choosing the right training school can be challenging. Yet, a start to a fruitful career as an aesthetic nurse career.

All medical aesthetic training schools teach about the basics of the industry. However, there are special courses. It can focus on your mastery of a specific skill. For example, training for Botox injections is for those who want to master giving Botox treatments.

What Is Medical Aesthetics? 

Medical aesthetics focus on improving the overall cosmetic appearance of patients. It also helps improve the self-esteem of a person. It means it aims to make patients feel good about their physical appearance. Thus, it helps promote good mental health as well. This industry mainly focuses on offering less-invasive cosmetic treatment options. It aims to provide aesthetic enhancement services with less-invasive procedures. It is in comparison with surgical treatments like plastic surgery. Additionally, it surpasses the treatments offered by beauty salons such as hair and makeup servicing.

Difference Between A Beauty Specialist, Cosmetic Surgeon, And Medical Aesthetician

A beauty specialist focuses on providing the least invasive beauty-enhancing services to clients. For example, they help enhance your facial aesthetics through makeup. If you want to lessen the appearance of aged spots, they can cover it up through the foundation.

Alternatively, a cosmetic surgeon offers invasive procedures. 

Usually, the procedures include the use of knives and injections. Also, surgical procedures include numbing agents like anesthesia. Although used for many medical treatments, there is still a possibility of complications. That is why only licensed medical professionals conduct the medical procedure.

On the other hand, a medical aesthetician sits between the practice of beauty specialists and cosmetic surgeons. The main factor that distinguishes a medical aesthetician from beauty specialists and cosmetic surgeons is that it offers less-invasive yet immediate aesthetic results.

Compared with the services of a beauty specialist, medical aestheticians offer longer results. For example, a beautician can only cover up your acne for one night. On the other hand, a filler treatment offers results that can last for months.

In comparison with the services of cosmetic surgeons, medical aesthetic treatments offer fewer dangers from complications due to the limited use of knives and injections for procedures. Some procedures in medical aesthetics would not even use both tools. An example is the HyaPen. It is a tool that injects Hyaluronic acid into the injection site using pressure. It uses pressure to inject the product into the target area. 

Who Should I Look For If I Want A Cosmetic Treatment?

Whichever practitioner you visit, all three offer the same thing, improve your body or facial aesthetics. One difference among the three will lie in the duration of the treatment. 

The treatment from beauty specialists lasts shorter. It is in comparison with medical aesthetics and cosmetic surgical treatments.

Also, the results from medical aesthetic treatments are shorter than surgical procedures.

Who is A Cosmetic Doctor? 

Cosmetic doctors should not be confused with medical professionals doing plastic surgery. Also, they are not dermatologists as well. Both plastic surgeons and dermatologists specialize in their medical field. They have varying education, experience, and certification from cosmetic doctors.

Cosmetic doctors can be medical professionals from different fields but with a medical aesthetic certification. It means you can be a cosmetic doctor even if you are a dentist or surgeon. All you need is to find the right training program to teach you how to conduct medical cosmetic treatments.

Alternatively, a nurse can also practice medical aesthetics.

Who is an aesthetic nurse?

In nursing, you can choose to specialize in a variety of fields. For example, you can choose to specialize in taking care of pediatric patients. Additionally, you can specialize as a cardiac nurse or registered nurse. Additionally, you can specialize as a critical care nurse. Critical care nurses are experts at emergency response. They have similar educational requirements as registered nurses.

If you want to dedicate your career to helping a community, you can work as a public health nurse.

Alternatively, you can consider becoming an aesthetic nurse. An aesthetic nurse is a registered nurse but has undergone medical aesthetic training.

When you study to become an aesthetic nurse, you get many career opportunities. For example, you can practice in a medical aesthetic clinic, med spas, outpatient care facilities, dermatologists’ clinics, and anywhere where a medical aesthetician is available.

Responsibilities of Aesthetic Nurses

Board-certified doctors who perform medical aesthetic treatments are cosmetic doctors. On the other hand, registered nurses who perform medical cosmetic procedures are aesthetic nurses. Regardless of what you call them, they have training and certification to perform medical aesthetic treatments. For example, you need to enroll in Botox injection training and other medical aesthetic courses for certification. 

Some of the responsibilities of aesthetic nurses include providing information to inquiries. Patients who want to undergo a medical aesthetic procedure will have many questions. It is true if it will be their first time visiting your clinic. Also, patients will have countless questions if it is their first time getting the treatment.

Additionally, aesthetic nurses are experts at providing pre and post-treatment care. It means they will assist you from inquiry until you recover from the treatment.

Before you get checked by a dermatologist, you can ask for preliminary advice from a medical aesthetic nurse. Also, some states across the US legally permit aesthetic nurses to conduct Botox and filler injections to patients, says this source.

Furthermore, aesthetic nurses are responsible for sterilizing tools. 

Also, they prepare the equipment used in the treatment. Moreover, aesthetic nurses assist the doctor during the medical procedure.

Rewards For Being a Aesthetic Nurse

Being an aesthetic nurse has its few rewards. One obvious reward from this industry is income. This industry pays well. There is a growing number of people who want to improve their aesthetics. Medical aesthetic clinics surely prosper from their booming market. Thus, resulting in more patients for the aesthetic nurses and cosmetic doctors.

Another reward from this field is the flexibility of work. Some states allow aesthetic nurses to conduct medical aesthetic injections such as Botox and fillers. Also, there are many options for employment in this career. For example, you can work in a private clinic or a dermatologist’s clinic. Alternatively, you can work in a medspa or a medical aesthetic clinic. You can learn from long-time cosmetic doctors as well.

Furthermore, you get to see the smile on the faces of your patients. Just seeing the sincerity of happiness from the eyes of your patients is enough reward.

To sum it all, you get a good-paying career that you love that does not get boring due to its flexibility.  

How Do I Become An Aesthetic Nurse?

To become an aesthetic nurse, you need to be a registered nurse. Also, you need to undergo formal training to receive certification to perform various medical aesthetic treatments.

Additionally, you get an edge at landing a position if you have experience. However, some employers are also looking for entry-level practitioners.

The law can be dissimilar for performing authorized medical aesthetic treatments from one state to another. Research it when you plan to practice it in a foreign location.

What Makes A Good Aesthetic Nurse?

To become an aesthetic nurse, you need to follow the educational and training requirements in the area where you will be practicing the profession. Also, you need to pack a good resume of experience if you want to land a job in a foreign land immediately.

The best time to start a career is now. You can get certification for medical aesthetic injections from a reliable training course program.

Why Medical Clinics Need An Aesthetic Nurse For Medical Aesthetic Treatments 

Aesthetic nurses have the expertise of taking care of patients before and after a medical procedure. This skill is relevant for every medical aesthetic clinic. Patients will feel comfortable when a medical professional is responsible for their care and recovery.

If you are a nurse looking for a career path, you can consider becoming a medical aesthetic nurse.

Medical Aesthetic Nurses For Botox Injections

Botox can be dangerous when handled by an unauthorized and untrained person. There are indeed individuals who perform Botox injections and other treatments without proper training. Some were unlucky to witness complications after the treatment. That is why you should only get medical treatments from certified individuals.

Nurses with formal training and certification on Botox injections offer safer and effective treatments. It means you can get accurate results from nurses. If you are a nurse, you can enroll in a formal Botox training course from a reliable school. That way, you get to provide safe Botox injections to your patients. 

Medical Aesthetic Nurses For Filler Treatments

Fillers can vary depending on the product and substance use. One reason you may be getting the treatment is that you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Additionally, you may be having the treatment to lessen acne scars or treat saggy skin.

One injection in the wrong part, you risk permanent injuries to your patients. That is why you need training and certification to offer this to patients.

Medical Aesthetic Nurses For Chemical Peels

When chemicals are involved, you will need the training to administer them safely. Too much of a good thing can be harmful. Imagine excessive dosage of a chemical on the face of your patient.

You can prevent accidents from occurring in your medical aesthetic clinic if you get formal education and certification. However, make sure that you get the training from a reliable school.

Get Expert Aesthetic Nurse Training From The Aesthetic Immersion

The Aesthetic Immersion is a modern training school for medical aesthetic professionals. You can master the art of giving medical cosmetic treatments through their expert and carefully designed courses.

Additionally, you can learn to give medical aesthetic treatments to your patients through their engaging yet interactive training setup.

The Aesthetic Immersion offers you the benefit of a convenient way of learning. Their online classes allow you to learn the basic concepts of medical aesthetic injections and treatments. For example, their lessons let you master facial anatomy. That way, you get to perform better treatments from your threads training.

Furthermore, you benefit from their hands-on classes. They design their in-person lessons to be in small groups. That way, there is more time for instructors to focus on mentoring each learner.

If you want to become a medical aesthetic nurse, you need a school that will offer you the best chance to excel in the field. Get formal education and certification from school that makes lessons engaging and informative. Also, choose a school that offers updated classes to its learners. Get all of these benefits when you enroll with The Aesthetic Immersion. Contact the team now!