the Aesthetic Immersion - Webinar Library
the Aesthetic Immersion - Webinar Library
Ai Webinar
Join Gideon Kwok, DO and Lori Robertson, MSN FNP-C for this one hour webinar.
Ai Webinar
60 mins.
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Discover the emerging trend of microtoxins in aesthetic medicine, exploring their unique applications and benefits for achieving subtle, natural-looking facial rejuvenation. Delve into the nuanced approaches and considerations for integrating microtoxins into your aesthetic practice, fostering a deeper understanding of this innovative treatment modality.

Unveiling the Emerging Trend of Microtoxins in Aesthetic Medicine
Exploring the Unique Applications and Benefits for Subtle Facial Rejuvenation
Understanding Nuanced Approaches and Considerations for Microtoxin Integration
Q&A Session to Foster a Deeper Understanding and Address Specific Inquiries