Sooner or later, we all reach a point where we do not look as young as we used to. Thankfully, there are countless cosmetic interventions that can improve skin quality and reduce the visible signs of aging without the need for invasive surgery. Around the world, millions of men and women seek such treatments, be it through Botox injections, chemical peels, or something else entirely.

This is a field known as medical aesthetics, and it represents a sizable consumer market. For anyone who is interested in cosmetics, skincare, or in helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals, this field is rich in opportunity. And with training from The Aesthetic Immersion, you can gain the skills you need to succeed in this exciting industry.

What is Medical Aesthetics?

Medical aesthetics is actually a very broad field, and it has been around for a while! Those who work in this field are devoted to helping patients look their best and feel as confident as possible.

Specifically, medical aesthetics involves altering the patient’s physical appearance through non-surgical means. This may mean reducing the visibility of a scar, eliminating wrinkles and fine lines, mediating areas of discolored skin, or getting rid of unsightly hairs.

Those who practice in medical aesthetics are at the forefront of clinical science, with exciting new tools and techniques coming out all the time. If you long to help patients, to apply your creativity, and to use innovative methodologies, medical aesthetics may be the right path for you.

Where Can You Work?

Another reason to consider working in medical aesthetics? It affords you plenty of options for advancing your career and for working in fun, fast-paced settings. Some examples include:

  • Dental practices. In most states, a dental license permits limited use of Botox and other injectables. Many patients now turn to their dentist for aesthetic treatment.
  • Med spas. Looking for a low-stress work environment that is wholly devoted to medical aesthetics? Consider looking for work at a med spa.
  • Dermatology practices. Nurses, PAs, NPs, and doctors alike can administer aesthetic treatments in the context of a dedicated skincare practice.
  • Plastic surgery practices. Many plastic surgeons now seek practitioners who can work alongside them, offering non-invasive aesthetic solutions.

To learn more about the career opportunities available in medical aesthetics, begin your journey with The Aesthetic Immersion!

Why Work in Medical Aesthetics?

Still on the fence about pursuing work in the field of aesthetics? Just consider some of the benefits.

  • Patient demand. Statistics show that the demand for Botox and similar treatments skyrockets each and every year. This field offers plenty of opportunities to advance your career and explore new income sources.
  • Provide direct, experienced care. One of the most rewarding aspects of medical aesthetics is that it allows you to work with patients in a one-on-one setting, helping them to achieve their desired cosmetic outcomes.
  • Fun, creative work environments. If you want to treat patients but are resistant to more stressful or tedious forms of practice, medical aesthetics can provide an exciting alternative.

Get the Training You Need

If you are ready to pursue a career in medical aesthetics, one of the first steps is to get the necessary training. This is what the Aesthetic Immersion is all about.

Direct, focused training allows you to develop foundational knowledge of facial anatomy, rheology, and the basics of patient care. Additionally, it provides familiarity with all of the basic and advanced treatment methodologies.

The goal of your training at The Aesthetic Immersion is to be confident in treating patients, assuring their safety while also delivering the optimal results. With the skills you will learn at The Aesthetic Immersion, you will have an ideal foundation for long-term success in the industry.

Why Choose The Aesthetic Immersion?

The Aesthetic Immersion is the leading authority in training for industry newcomers and veterans alike. Our company was founded by Dr. Gideon Kwok, DO and Lori Robertson, MSN, FNP-C, two of the leading figures in medical aesthetics, with ample experience managing successful practices and providing patient care.

The courses offered at The Aesthetic Immersion accommodate practitioners of any experience level. While we offer advanced classes for seasoned pros, we are also proud to offer courses for beginners, covering all the essentials of anatomy, rheology, and cosmetic basics.

Our training courses are designed to help you practice medical aesthetics with true confidence and skill. To get started, we welcome you to sign up for courses today.

Meet Our Specialists

Dr. Kwok, DO and Lori Robertson, MSN, FNP-C offer over 25 years of experience in medical aesthetics combined. Learn more about their passion for educating medical professionals.

What You Can Learn

At The Aesthetic Immersion, we have a full spectrum of courses, offering comprehensive skill formation for aspiring aesthetic professionals. Some examples of what you can learn:

  • Body sculpting
  • Facial differences between male and female
  • Laser physics
  • The Perfect Lip
  • How to Inject the Nose
  • Ears and hands
  • Temples and under-eye treatments
  • Sculptra aesthetics
  • PDO threads
  • Hyperdiluted radiesse
  • Advanced neuromodulators
  • Cannula
  • Facial balancing
  • Foundations of advanced aesthetics
  • Chin and jawline procedures

Different Ways to Learn

Something else that sets The Aesthetic Immersion apart: We are committed to providing learning opportunities that work with your schedule and your season of life. We love hosting students for hands-on, in-person learning in Brea, California. By enrolling in hands-on training, you can ensure ample one-on-one time with Dr. Kwok and Lori.

We also understand that in-person training is not convenient for everyone. If you are not local to Brea, we welcome you to consider our virtual learning options. We host regular webinars, giving you the ability to learn from a distance and still have some interaction with the instructors. Additionally, pre-recorded digital courses allow you to learn at your own pace, according to your own schedule.

Find the learning experience that works best for you and sign up today!

Ready to Go?

Medical aesthetics represents a thriving industry and an amazing opportunity to have a personally satisfying career. And entry into the field is easier than you might think. The first step is to get some training and hone some basic skills.

If you are ready to start your journey in medical aesthetics, we invite you to sign up for classes with The Aesthetic Immersion right away.